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Posted these on FB a while ago, but don't want to neglect the LJs.

Ill Doctrine, one of the most interesting and entertaining vloggers I've come across in years, tells us why though he's psyched Obama's president, he isn't satisfied.

If you like his style, I highly recommend checking his other vids. He'll make you feel that maybe Youtube isn't SUCH a massive waste of bandwidth after all.

How to Tell People They Sound Racist -- This is a particularly good one.

"First! fail..."
Enka is a particular, very traditional, style of Japanese pop. *hums a bar of Tôkyô nagaremono* This AA dude, Jero does it sooooo well, and that blows me away.

The world is getting smaller, indeed!

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Before I forget, here are some of the things I’ve mentioned lately:

[ profile] rubythirtythree? These be the Eagles of Death Metal

And here be the Magic Position (by Patrick Wolf)

Random Clips:
These be t'ings what seemed funny to me at 2:0 am...or 4:30 pm after *headdesking* the fight out of my brain...

Techno Viking
He makes his entrance around 00:39...gets kinda creepy around 1:02…and then rocks his cut-offs for the remainder.
It is somewhat of a mystery to me what exactly the point of this video is...but comprehensibility has never, ever been what YouTube is about.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Peewee Herman clips…
During my surfings I found that the theme to Peewee's Playhouse was written and performed by Cindy Lauper(??) I wish I’d been old enough to know how cool that is. At any rate, this was likely my favorite show as a kid, and it was nice to reminisce

about it...

...and Herman, who was a strange, strange man.

A lot of nonsense gets passed around at work, naturally, but some gems emerge.
The following is a short retro skit featuring a Jamaican dubbed Dr. Who episode:

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...for information on "Rasputin" (Swear. I had a very good reason :)

and this came up:

My mind has been blown. Are you happy now, Randomness? Are you happy?

"Rahrah, Ras-poutine, Russia's famous love machine!"



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