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Off to join M and the rest of the team in San Francisco tomorrow.
We have a punishing schedule to keep, so it's no wonder I'm less psyched about this trip than I was about the others.

Back sometime Sunday - I think I'll try and switch to a later flight. I intend to spend the rest of the night perfecting my "You really want to put me on that plane" face.

Oh yeah, and re-bottling all my fucking cosmetics. Cause y'know, we can't let the terrorists win.

Play safe, y'all. Upon my return I hope to do a better job of catching up with life and friends and...everything.


//_watchtower_ out
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Well that was it.

I just phoned my boss and turned down The Permanent Position.

He's fantastic, our team is fantastic, but I need this change of tack right now for the sake of my general wellbeing.


I feel optimistic.

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Hmmm. Yup.

I like "Beer Fridays" at Autodesk.


Feb. 16th, 2006 06:38 pm
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Well, I'm still here - at work, I mean. I think I have a problem stopping in the middle of things...
(trains of thought excepted, of course)
Things are going fine as far as I can tell. I like it here and my brain is getting a good workout - multitasking is everything!

AND I found twenty bucks lying in the snow on my lunch break! I feel sorry for whoever lost it, but the timing seriously couldn't be better.

My internet is down at home. AGAIN. So if you need to reach me, call. Freaking Bell, man. Anyone want to storm their headquarters with me??

I'm off for the night, but I thought I'd let people know things are fine.


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