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Shit. This Mika CD is addictive. Queen meets the Scissor Sisters...and every bit as annoying as that sounds, but I can’t turn the fucking thing of...*shrug*

*goes with it*
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From: Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue

Jak sie masz!

Looking back over my assessment of last year, I can only smile. A lot has changed, especially in the areas I found wanting:

"Greatest disappointment: That the people I've fallen for seem consistently uninterested..." Ha!
"The habit I wish I'd kicked: insomnia, followed closely by procrastination." Still working on the sleep thing, but procrastination? I've got your number, biatch!
"Dream I still haven't achieved: A satisfying career." Note to self: Geez. Relax, last-year-_watchtower_. You've got loads of time, and have made a pretty decent start.

I feel like saying things are perfect in my life right now, but nothing is perfect and frankly, I don't want to tempt fate.
I will say things are surprisingly good. And I've been walking around with a head like a helium balloon for months.

There's excitement and novelty, but there's also a pleasing sense of stability and order. Things are shaping up nicely. I sincerely hope you can say the same.

I'm off to spend some chill time in the sun, but I will be thinking of you all.

With much love,

//_watchtower_ out

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