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Y'know when you love a band, and you think they're awesome?

And then you go to one of their shows and you realize you had no idea what "love" truly means?

Yeah, well, that's what this post is about.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds jammed, and screamed, and rocked the shit out of Metropolis last night. My god. I think we all felt in need of a cig and a moment to talk about our feelings after it was all over.

For a group of guys that have been playing together for ages (a couple since the 80s!), I was amazed at how into the music and each other they were. Walking on in an already advanced stage of debauched, they were as pure and honest as they come.

I'm not the type to fawn and swoon. Normally. But last night, I must admit, there was a whole lot of sexy commin' off that stage. Whether it was from Thomas Wydler shakin' his maracas (not a euphemism), or Cave himself doing a loose hipped strut.

And can we take a moment to talk about Warren Ellis? On most people, I suspect the wild beard and hair would act like a screen, something to hide behind. But he exudes such charisma it just makes him look like a swami; the kind young women and boys run off to the hills to follow. He is a talented, talented man.

From the wikipedia entry:

Warren Ellis - violin, fender mandocaster, loops, mandolin, tenor guitar, viola, bouzouki, accordion, flute, lute, piano, programming, percussion, string arrangements, vocals

The set list was a nice mix of old and new. "Red Right Hand," the first song of theirs that I fell in love with, was played early on, and the rendition of "The Mercy Seat" made me feel like I'd been pitched into a wind tunnel of sound. Good stuff.

Everyone else seemed to agree. The crowed roared and stomped till the band came back for a second encore (or was it a 3rd?). And when they waved a final goodbye you could see real gratitude on their faces. Montreal, when it loves you, loves you hard.

Oh. And I got a drumstick. :)
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At the risk of flogging a dead horse (cause really, what fun is that?*) I found this Dark Night trailer spoof hiding in one of the internet's blubbery folds. I think it treads that fine line between intentionally hilarious and so-bad-it's-good. Anyway, it made me lol, so I'm sharing it.

*Answer: It is kinda fun.
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Off to join M and the rest of the team in San Francisco tomorrow.
We have a punishing schedule to keep, so it's no wonder I'm less psyched about this trip than I was about the others.

Back sometime Sunday - I think I'll try and switch to a later flight. I intend to spend the rest of the night perfecting my "You really want to put me on that plane" face.

Oh yeah, and re-bottling all my fucking cosmetics. Cause y'know, we can't let the terrorists win.

Play safe, y'all. Upon my return I hope to do a better job of catching up with life and friends and...everything.


//_watchtower_ out
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We have a feature on our company intranet where each employee has the chance to post a little profile about themselves. What kind of books they read, how many years they've lived with their dog, and their child, and their spouse in Anyville, Tera.

Today, someone linked to William Faulkner's 1950 nobel prize acceptance speech, and something in it moved me.

Right now his words feel appropriate, and reading them soothed some of the nerves that have been jangling, convinced, as I am, that our world is going to shit.

He singles out literature, but I would apply his criticisms to all of our artistic endeavors, including mass media. "Pull yourself together," it says to me, "you are far better than that, and we have work to do."

I feel that this award was not made to me as a man, but to my work--a life's work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit, not for glory and least of all for profit, but to create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before. So this award is only mine in trust. It will not be difficult to find a dedication for the money part of it commensurate with the purpose and significance of its origin. But I would like to do the same with the acclaim too, by using this moment as a pinnacle from which I might be listened to by the young men and women already dedicated to the same anguish and travail, among whom is already that one who will some day stand where I am standing.

Our tragedy today is a general and universal physical fear... )
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I've recently decided to embrace the fact that I am an action figure collector*. So I was thrilled when I found the following deal online, and thought I would share it, in case someone else is in the market for the

Hot Toys: The Dark Knight: 1/6 Joker

He's so articulated! There is another bank robber model, but I like the expression on this one. I've seen the price range up to 189.00, so I'm pleased as punch. If still a little sheepish...

Next on the wish list:


I'd love to know what other people are coveting!

Oh, and it turns out that the internet also sells the coolest umbrellas on the planet. I love it because it's reminiscent of the umbrellas from Blade Runner but incorporates, perhaps unintentionally, some of the wardrobe styling of said film (think: Zhora crashing through panes of glass in a see-through raincoat..). Ordered one for M and I each.

*Thanks to the book, Turn Costly Behavioral Patterns into Satisfying Hobbies: The Road to Freedom**
**Not a real book, but I bet I could hash it out in short order.
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It's funny the difference a word makes.

"Can't" is one of the least favorite words in my vocabulary.

When I told someone the other night that I couldn't make an origami unicorn like the one Gaff leaves behind him in Blade didn't feel right.

I'd failed. Several times. I'd stared at the instructions for a good half hour. There was this one bit I just couldn't get past. But..

What if it wasn't that I couldn't make one, and just that I hadn't yet? Interesting idea.

Origami unicorn -

Origami unicorn -

After practicing a couple of times, I can now make them from memory.

This little experiment has taught me a useful distinction: "Can't" is often a judgment. "Haven't" is simply an observation.
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My cousin Shauna brought Earthwatch to my attention when I was down in the States last week. Her mum, a fantastic lady, once divorced and once widowed, had just flown off on her 3rd expedition to...somewhere.

For the eco-minded among you who've dreamed of scaling cliff faces to count Turn eggs, or crouching behind Kenyan shrubbery waiting for a glimpse of some endangered spotted, stripped, fanged creature, this site is for you. And me. Most definitely.

For a fee, you sign up for a stint as a volunteer on an conservationist campaign. Me? I like the sound of counting butterflies in Japan, or observing river otters and macaws in Peru...

Their work spans every continent and you're bound to find some angle which appeals to you: climate change, deforestation, archeology (and paleontology, oh how the 7-year-old me wold be thrilled!).

My greatest burdens these days stem from the fact that the world, as ever, is changing and struggling, but for the most part I feel both powerless and useless.

I have no illusions that donning the latest in L.L. Bean survivalry and sitting in a tree for a week will save the planet, but it may do some good, and it would certainly do wonders for my morale. I also know I'm probably not suited to being a permanent field worker, but these programs seem to neatly bridge the gap between parasitic tourism and activism, and that sounds great to me.

Now to find someplace to go...
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Feels like all I do these days is post about how I'll post more when I get back from wherever I'm going...

In that proud tradition:

I'm off to Concord/Boston till next Weds.! (No, not missing Radiohead!) I will, uh, fill in the details of the last month upon my returnz. (But Batman!)

Till then,

Walk slowly and drink lots of water :)
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Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

My legs are all sore from walking - 11am - about 9:00pm. *phew* But it was a good day. Beautiful weather. Blue, cloudless sky. Butterflies and punks; palm trees and burritos. And these awesome little Japanese rice cracker, wasabi-seaweed snacks called, Noriten.

Now I will resist the urge to listen all the cds I bought at Amoeba and hit the sack.


//_watchtwoer_ out.

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I've been in a good mood lately. *makes a silly face*

And, accordingly, the music I've been listening to has been of the solo Headphones Dance Party variety.
It may annoy the shit out of you, but I thought I'd share some of it anyway - LJ has been more barren than the dunes of Tatooine lately.

_watchtower_'s Friday Party Happy Funn Tiem Mix

1. Kiiiiiii - Brown Girl in the Ring *Bounces in her chair* Wait...what the hell is this song about?...?...? *shrugs* *continues bouncing*

2. Kiiiiiii - 4littlejoy

3. Hot Chip - One Pure Thought

4. Sakanaction - Sample

5. RAC ft. Karl Kling - Take On Me
In case the original didn't have enough bleepy-bloop for you, this cover is

6. Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone

7. Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Put on yer Converse, shut up, and rock out. ;)

8. Yelle - A Cause Des Garçons Tepr Remix Tecktonik

9. Santogold - Unstoppable

How's this for a slice of fried gold...

I can't really express in words how important this was to me as a kid...and it's still, hands down, my favorite 80s song/video.

Random Friday BONUS
Congratulations! You reached in to the internets and got a..

Asshole Notification Card Set!
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*Not to be confused with "I'm Bored at Work: The Musical!"

1. Groundhog Day
Which year would you choose to live over and over and over again?

2. Death Match
Who would win a brutal fight to the death:
Barney the Dinosaur or Polkaroo?
Yoda or Gandalf?
The Bride or Ichi the Killer?

3. Stranded
Marooned indefinitely on a desert island, who would you choose as your only companion:
Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?
John Cusack or Dylan Moran?
Tonari no Totoro or Optimus Prime

4. Oh, shit...
The Apocalypse has come, one hero will save the day (..ish). Who would you rather face doom with:
Mad Max or Tank Girl?
Lilu or River?
Sigourney Weaver or Bruce Willis?

5. Thursday at Maz
You are drunk. It is Karaoke tiem:
Afternoon Delight or Get It On?
Hangin' Tough or Hammer Time
Bed of Roses or I would do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

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OK. First the bad news:

With the help of Greyhound, I managed to lose one of my bags en route from Columbus to Buffalo...
All told, about 1/2 of my heavy rotation clothes are gone, probably forever.

(both black summer dresses, my black hoodie, a couple of dressy tops, the white jean skirt I recently decided was totally fierce, all my Palmer Cash t-shirts, my teal Jacob sweater and much of my nice underwear...oh, and the Glitter and Doom tee I bought at the concert on Sat.)

Oh, poo. And my phone charger too...


According to the people in Buffalo, my bag should still have been in Columbus. According to Columbus, it's not there and may or may not end up at the lost baggage depot in Dallas..Texas..2-4 weeks from now. Given the care with which it seems many Greyhound employees carry out their jobs...I'm not super optimistic.

It could have been much worse, though and I'm glad, glad, glad I kept all of my electronics and jewelry etc. with me on the bus at all times...And really, clothes are some of the most replaceable things we own.

Anyone want to go shopping this week? Sigh.

Also? Totally not true.
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I just finished this series, and am going through a period of mourning I'm sure other fantasy buffs know well. Sigh, I'll miss them least it was a good ride.

In other news, my nerves are all a jangle 'cause I leave tomorrow on my great pilgrimage.

June 26th
11:45 Via 1 train to TO -> House on McGill

June 27
Meet up with [ profile] cymbal_rush -> 8:30am Amtrak train 10-something greyhound to Buffalo -> 2:00pm Greyhound to Columbus -> Columbus Renaissance

June 28th
(Comfest?)-> Pre-show drinks (Tip Top Kitchen?)-> 8:00pm at the Ohio Theatre -> Resume normal breathing -> Columbus, Holiday Inn Express

June 29th
1-something greyhound to Toronto -> Not sure :)

The last part of the trip trails off into the unknowable, but I'll make it back somehow, sometime on Monday...Hee

Tom bless you, every one.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has ventured into new territory, that being country music, and has released a Western-style video dedicated to Johnny Cash, reports


The hip-hop singer said, "I went to the CMT Music Awards and I got into the spirit of wanting to do something different. Country music is the most underrated music in the world."

Naturally, I was all: 0_o really??

But you know what? I like it. The *idea* of Snoop singing country is far more disturbing than the reality of it. I doubt Johnny Cash would think much of being branded "a real American gangster," but the damn thing's catchy. And I admire his openness to other brands of music.

This is far from the first tangent he's explored. Take Sensual Seduction, for example.

Sleazy 70s vibe and Keyboard Guitar FTW.
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Anyone coming to Sigur Rós with me?


New album's not the strongest they've ever released in my opinion, but... that's no excuse not to see them.
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I've been carrying this show around in my brain for years without any recollection of what the hell it was called. I've just had one of those moments which only the modern age can provide...the sudden, overpowering sense of familiarity, fondness, and relief that is Internet Assisted Memory Retrieval. (I kid you not, I've woken up with images of this show in my head unable to give it a name or recall any of the details.)

C&Ds, Denver, Dink, The Land Before Time? Dinosaurs were the shit, man...

Note to self track down: Fern Gully, The Land Before Time, Secret of Nimh


Jun. 9th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Can I live here?
I'm quiet, responsible, don't smoke, and have no pets.

Abandoned resort near Sanjhih(三芝), Taiwan.


I was trying to describe my ideal home to my dad a couple of days ago and as I struggled for descriptive words I said something to the effect of:

"something circular, like..a cylinder..and maybe with a Habitat 64 feel to it, lots of levels, so you could have rooftop gardens.."

It's awesome to know someone else thinks the same way. Maybe, just maybe the house of my dreams is attainable..
spandrels: (57 channels) going to buy a ticket to The Vinyl Cafe show, October 19 at Theatre St. Denis. They're 57 bucks, but I am willing to pick up a couple others if people will pay me back in the next couple of days.

I just did a quick check and there are some sweet 3rd row tickets available (I mean,'s Stewart McLean..this is not gonna sell out).

Anyway comment or call if'n you're interested ^_^
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Sometimes the gods of music toy with the mortals who worship them *shakes fist angrily*

There are two concerts I'd really, really like to see happening at the end of July:

Yelle is playing Cabaret Juste Pour Rire on July 31.(23 $$) If that name doesn't ring a bell, you'll probably remember this video (if not, check your medical records, it probably sent you to the hospital with an epileptic seizure).

(There's a "classier" version too)

Definitely a show for fans of Peaches, M.I.A. and the 80s.


But also playing that night is Camille of Le Fil and Le Sac des Filles fame, and Thomas Hellman. (35 $$)
I caught Thomas Hellman on CBC last night and fell kinda' in love. He plays French folk songs which invoke dusty country roads and grungy Plateau bars...

A Couple of Samples:

Caimille - Le Fil
Quand je marche
Ta douleur

Caimille - Le Sac des Fille
1, 2, 3

One show will probably get you bouncing around like you've eaten 5 boxes of nerds, and the other will make you feel like you're lounging in a porch swing watching the rain. To bad you have to choose..
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I’ve mentioned the artist Casey Daniel to a few people recently, and always in the context of how much she reminds me of Regina Spektor. Like, a lot. Like so much it makes me uncomfortable...
I feel a bit like my 8th grade teacher going over the requirements for a paper, “Cite your sources, blah, blah, this cardigan looks terrible on me doesn’t it, blah…and no plagiarizing!”

I can’t say whether or not she has consciously adopted Regina’s sounds, or whether she came to it on her own. Art is funny that way and I believe it’s possible for two similar aesthetics to pop up simultaneously but independently. They both performed around the same time, though, and Spektor was at it a little earlier. I think it’s most noticeable when she was singing on her own, as opposed to with White Hinterland, which is her current project.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. I’m not on a witch hunt here, I just promised I’d share the track I'd been talking about, so here it is:

Casey Daniel – Better in Manhattan


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